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Can I liquidate my company if I have a Bounce Back Loan?

Can I Liquidate My Company if I Have a Bounce Back Loan?

The Bounce Back Loan Scheme (also known as the BBBS) has been a ray of hope for thousands of companies amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

But what if cash injection isn’t enough to navigate your business through the recession that has gripped firms across the UK?

The loan scheme allows you to borrow between £2,000 and £50,000 to cover expenses related to Covid-19 and has been a massive boost for businesses. But some are still struggling and may need to consider the possibility of limited company liquidation.

Can I Liquidate My Limited Company if I Have Received a Bounce Back Loan?

You can still liquidate your company if you have taken out a loan. In addition, if you still find it difficult to trade because of the turbulent environment despite the extra support, you’ll still be able to use a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) to liquidate an insolvent company.

While you’ll want to recover your business if possible, liquidating your company may be one of the few realistic options if it’s insolvent.

What Will Happen to the Bounce Back Loan if I Liquidate?

The loan will become an unsecured debt if you liquidate. This means creditors do not have substantial claims over assets belonging to the company – unlike a secured debt.

Crucially, if the loan is unpaid, you are NOT held liable. 

This is because the government guarantees the loans, meaning the government will repay the loan when the debt crystallises. Therefore, whoever issued the loan will be able to approach the Government for repayment.

Usually, the company director would be held responsible, but not in the case of a Bounce Back Loan.

Does This Mean I Can Take a BBL Out and Close My Limited Company?

This does not mean that you can abuse the BBLS. Directors will still be held accountable for wrongful use of the loans despite the short-term relaxation of wrongful trading laws.

Fraudulent trading is something to take very seriously. Directors should be reminded that their conduct is still investigated during the liquidation process, and any director involved in wrongful actions or misfeasance will be held personally liable.

What if There Aren’t Any Assets or Funds to Distribute in a Liquidation?

You may also be able to use Administrative Dissolution if no assets or funds are available to distribute to creditors or pay for the liquidation costs, usually between £2,500 and £6,000.

In Summary

If you have taken out a Bounce Back Loan are your limited company is still struggling and you are forced to consider liquidation, then this is still an option, and the loan will be classed as an unsecured debt.

Directors should be wary that although they will not be personally liable for the loan, if you are found guilty of abusing the scheme, you could be guilty of fraudulent trading.

If you are struggling with debts caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, contact the Future Strategy team. We can advise you on business rescue and recovery solutions and give you the best help and support in taking the following steps.

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