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Accountant Support Services

We work alongside accountants to provide exemplary advice, support and services in business rescue and recovery.

We work alongside accountants to provide exemplary advice, support, and services in business rescue and recovery.

Future Strategy has excellent relationships with accountants, supporting them in areas such as company insolvency – giving them confidence in offering a more comprehensive range of detailed and specialist services.

Our advisory service is specifically designed to help accountants and other professionals who may occasionally need some assistance for clients in these complex areas.

Your clients will commonly turn to their accountant for advice on all manner of issues – many of which you will offer no particular specialism. This can cause problems:

  • It can be highly time-consuming attending to these questions and distract you from your core business.
  • The advice you provide may not live up to the standards of your other services.
  • If you don’t help, you may miss the opportunity of cementing a bond with the client that stops them from looking for help elsewhere.

Future Strategy has provided advice and services in business rescue and recovery for many years and is well-positioned to provide honest and practical advice.

This service allows accountants to offer their clients a much more extensive and informative experience which should help, where possible, to avoid potentially expensive and informal insolvency proceedings.

We can help you:

  • Improve client retention by providing a better service to your clients supported by our years of experience in business rescue and recovery.
  • Ease the stress of having to manage complicated procedures where you might have less knowledge.
  • Offer more services and become a more attractive destination for potential clients.

What’s included with the service?

Our experts will help you analyse and assess your client’s situation before advising you on assisting them most effectively.

Which services are offered?

Our team work with small businesses (usually limited companies), struggling financially or having difficulty continuing to trade.

Several effective and bespoke solutions include invoice financing, company re-start, small business loans, company recovery, and company closure.

What are the main benefits?

This service is not only beneficial for you and your company, but it also provides advantages for directors, investors, and advisors.

Our skills will allow you to extend the service package that you currently offer to your clients, improving both your client satisfaction and retention.

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