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Review: Square’s in-person and online payment processing

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Millions of businesses worldwide use Square as a low-fee card payment service. As a result, it’s one of the biggest names in the payment processing market – accessible for businesses of all sizes.

What’s it for?

You’ve probably seen Square’s neat little white card reader when paying in the shops. Together with point-of-sale software and its online payment gateway, these readers work in tandem, offering businesses – particularly in retail and hospitality – a modern way to take payments from customers.

What’s the appeal?

The lack of monthly account maintenance fees makes Square an attractive and easy option. Instead, you pay a flat-rate fee for transactions. It has transparent pricing, and you can find complete details about processing fees on its website. It charges the same rate for debit, credit, rewards, and corporate cards. 

Square’s payments app works on both Apple and Android phones and tablets. It’s free to download and includes a full suite of point-of-sale features to help you run your business. 

It only takes a few minutes to sign up online, with a few checks about you and your business. There aren’t any credit checks, and it approves applications quickly. Essentially, you can be up and running and take payments the same day you register. 

You can choose from several Square card reader models and purchase your processing hardware one piece at a time or as a bundle. At a minimum, you need a mobile device with the free Square POS app installed and the free card swiper to accept cards, but you can upgrade to terminals and stands. The basic card reader is £19.

Third-party integrations are available through the App Marketplace, and the company offers several apps of its own. Those apps include appointment booking, invoices, loyalty bonuses, marketing, and payroll services.

If you want to accept credit cards online, Square gives you multiple options. You can accept payments through the Square Appointments booking website.

Or, if you already have a website, Square has integrations for many popular e-commerce platforms and shopping carts, or you can use Square’s API to connect to your account and add a Square checkout button. 

What are the drawbacks?

Square’s customer service can be lacking. For example, you won’t have a dedicated rep or 24/7 phone support, and some report having their funds or accounts frozen if Square deems a payment unusual.

If your business offers items on Square’s list of prohibited goods and services, your account may be closed without notice, as it violates the company’s user agreement. 

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