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Helping directors close a hair salon in debt

The client

Our client was a busy hair salon in Barnsley that sadly ran into trading difficulties.

After finding themselves in £16,000 of VAT debt to HMRC, along with a PAYE bill of £3,000, clearly, the company was going to struggle to continue on the same path.

Outstanding utility bills amounting to £1,500 meant very little hope for the business staying alive.

Our process

After Hair Revolution got in touch, we quickly began the process of dissolution. The outstanding utility bill was raised as a County Court Judgement, which we promptly dealt with.

As the company address had been moved to our Plymouth office, bailiffs were called on behalf of the utility firm but were turned away from our building empty-handed – with no hassle for our client.

The result

Despite the complication of a County Court Judgement, we achieved a dissolute 90 days after submitting a DS01 form to Companies House. A quick and relatively painless solution.

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