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Helping directors to dissolve a welding firm

The client

Our client was a welding firm from Hartlepool with a familiar problem – £2,000 of VAT debt with little hope of recovering the company’s situation.

With no realistic prospect of successfully trading again, the company searched Google for advice and found the Future Strategy website.

Our process

The company submitted their details through our website, and we responded within the hour to assess the situation. A dissolution was clearly the best option, so we created the following action plan:

  • Stop the company trading as soon as possible
  • Change the company’s registered address to our premises in Plymouth
  • Send a statement of affairs to all creditors
  • Manage the process of submitting a Companies House DS01 form and the dissolution

The result

A smooth dissolution was achieved 90 days after the process began. With no County Court Judgement, the procedure amounted to little hassle for our client with a straightforward conclusion.

Please feel free to take a look at this post if you like to learn more about how to dissolve a limited company UK.

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