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How we closed a struggling online clothing company

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Application submitted

August 24, 2021

Date dissolved

November 16, 2021

Company assets


Company debt


Our client approached us, as she wanted professional assistance in the closure of her online clothing company.  She had lost her job during the pandemic, and had started up an online clothing business to earn an income.

Unfortunately, the business didn’t develop as our client had hoped and became no longer viable.  The courier contract had to be terminated and there were no funds to continue advertising campaigns on social media.  All the business debts had been settled and the company needed to be closed as quickly as possible as our client wished to pursue a new career in the NHS.

Our client advisor team recommended a voluntary dissolution as the quickest and most affordable way to close the company.

The challenge

The team needed to conduct the procedures required to close the business as quickly as possible.

How we helped

As there were no creditors involved, our case management team could promptly submit an application to Companies House.  Our client had concerns about the impact company closure could have on her credit rating.  To provide reassurance our advisors confirmed that dissolution would not have an impact or bearing on a director’s credit worthiness.

The outcome

Our client was relieved that our expert team had dealt with all the aspects of closing the business correctly and without issues.  The company was officially dissolved on 16th November 2021 and our client looked forward to starting her career in the NHS.  She was kind enough to leave us a 5 star Trustpilot review.

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